Blue Butterfly


This riveting recollection of her life in a small town, and growing up in a poverty-stricken, dysfunctional family, is the story of Dr. Rosella Collins-Puoch. She experienced childhood abuse – emotional, psychological, physical, and sexual – that could have resulted in a lifetime of unresolved, destructive, mental illness, and drug addiction. Courageous determination propelled her escape from an abusive, dead-end existence. By the grace of God, she was able to find her voice and live.

Her story is of an emotionally and psychologically abusive father, who visited the family intermittently and made promises that he never kept. Although spiritual and industrious, her mother lacked the necessary parenting knowledge and skills to protect her due to her own unresolved, traumatic history. At age six, she began experiencing various forms of abuse. At age 15, she was allowed to marry a man, more than twice her age, who subjected her to a proverbial torture chamber.

The choice to forgive helped to heal the wounds she sustained. Triumphantly, the blueprint of her life changed from victim to survivor. Her journey demonstrates that it does not matter how her life started, it matters how she chose to finish it!

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